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Meraki [may-rah-kee]

(n). Merkai is doing something with total love, and pure soul. It leaves a little piece of yourself in your creative work.

"There's nothing like the shine that lights a woman up after getting her hair done."


That's essentially the motivating factor that drives Andrea's ethos for her longstanding clientele, and for every new client that walks through the doors of Meraki.  Originally a student of health and body sciences, Andrea recognized her own love of and natural ability for hair styling when she worked part time at a salon while at school.  "There was something about that feeling that came from a woman who you know just felt so good; you could see the immediate difference in her."


A native of Walkerton Ontario, Andrea's family relocated to Cobourg years ago, and she's never looked back.  A vibrant and driven young woman (with a propensity for chocolate), hell bent on making people look and feel their best, Andrea's true area of expertise and joy lies in her hair colouring talents.  


Why meraki? Because the relationship between a woman and her stylist is precious, and one that is built on trust.  Andrea strives to deliver exactly what her clients want and need to capture their natural beauty, through leaving a little part of her creative soul in every lock she touches. 

The Meraki Team is dedicated to continuing education to stay current in the latest trends and techniques.  We enjoy attending classes, hair shows, in- salon educators, and online classes.  It is a top priority that we are motivated to share with our clients. 

Meraki Salons believes in being honest and transparent about delivering the best possible results within keeping your hair strong and healthy.  This can also be demonstrated through our social media portfolio in which a filter is never used to alter the image.  It is important to us that clients see authentic and realistic images that best showcase what your hair is truly capable of.  

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